Sunday, July 15, 2012

Over Accessorizing=MYTH

Have you ever seen someone wear an outfit and do ONLY that?

When wearing any piece, one must incorporate both STYLE and PERSONALITY.  Now, I understand that some people have trouble doing this, so let me explain myself.  One must incorporate a piece of INTEREST within their wardrobe and one way to do this is through ACCESSORIES.
Cowboy Belts

Lily and Laura Bracelets

Accessories are a STAPLE to any given wardrobe.  It adds a sense of flair, fun, and creativity.  Just picture yourself as a blank canvas and fashion is the color! Once the paintbrush is soaked with entrancing visions and bright hues, the color is added creating a style however, one thing is still missing! A level INTEREST needs to be compiled to the piece to draw the viewer inward and become entranced with the masterpiece within! Accessories ARE the interest, and you can never have to much or be to overloaded!  Check out what I mean with my outfit below! I mixed several different colors, patterns, and accessory combinations to give my wardrobe a big burst of personality!
Lily and Laura Bracelets, Seven for all Mankind Black Pencil Skinnies, Stella and Dot Jewelry, Splendid Tie Dye Top

One must remember when exploring fashion that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way.  With every person comes different ideas and perceptions of what is interesting and what is not.  So, in light of fashion, do yourself a favor and find your OWN PERSONAL INTEREST and make a FASHION STATEMENT.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Latest Obession: Erica Weiner

Who is Erica Weiner and why is her jewelery just so gosh darn fabulous?  Let me give you FOUR GOOD REASONS.

1. Erica Weiner, born and raised in Brooklyn New york, has a style that is completely her own.  She graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Art History AND was a costumer on Broadway before making it big as my favorite jewelery designer! Brains and creativity? Who knew!
2. As the reigning queen of vintage,  Weiner's jewels contain both vintage flair and rustic elements.  The majority of her chains and beads contain rusted gold tones which make her designs unique and corky which after all ,is what jewelery is supposed to do, take any outfit from blah to BOLD.
3. The line itself is made and designed by a team of only EIGHT women, that's right EIGHT.  Wow, talk about hard work! This means that each piece is made with love and care straight from the style capitol of the United States, NYC!
4. Weiner's jewelery is all about CORK meaning, she used everyday simplistic items like small gold rings, feathers, and even rubber to make her pieces truly adorable and special!

Erica Weiner Jewelery, Next Door, Brookfield Wisconsin
The best part is, you dont' have to travel to NYC to get Weiner's amazing line! You can go right Next Door! Stop in today and check out Weiner's amazing pieces and make your style truly unique:)!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty Little Style

Before I start thing blog, I just want to go on the record and say I am 21 years old, and there is NOTHING wrong with loving television shows about High School especially when there's not only a fabulous twist, but AWESOME fashions.

Got a secret, can you keep it..sound familiar?  It is of course the opening title to ABC's "Pretty Little Liars", a show about four best friends in their senior year of High School, dealing with the mysterious murder of their bbf Allison, who not only has fabulous hair ,but, is cunning and secretive to say the least.  After Allison's murder, the "liars" begin to receive mysterious texts signed from an anonymous sender "A" that reveal their deepest and darkest of secrets.

Through every episode we follow the "liars" as they uncover clues not only pointing towards Allison's murder, but who is A and what does A want with them?  Both stirring and intriguing, Pretty Little Liar's literally CONSUMES my Monday nights, not just for the mystery within, but the FASHION.

So, I thought it would be fun to do a blog that I would like to call "Pretty Little Style".  What I love about the show, is that each girl has a distinct style, and although I'd like to consider myself an Aria, would defiantly love to trade closet's with ultra preppy Spencer Hastings for a day! Although each girl is distinct and unique in their respective flair, they all have ONE thing in common...jeans..and NOT JUST ANY JEAN...J-Brand!
Aria Montgomery flaunting J Brand!
Emily Fields owning J-Brand!

Spencer Hastings Rocking J-Brand Jeans!
Hannah Marin stealing the spotlight in J Brand!

 J-Brand jeans are all the rage this season! With incredible washes, flattering fits, and multiple styles, J-Brand is truly one of the big "it" jeans this season and Next Door is fully stocked! Whether your funky like Aria, preppy like Spencer, girly like Hannah, or sporty like Emily, J-Brand can work for truly ANY style and we've got plenty here at Next Door! Stop in today and fall in love with J-Brand!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who's YOUR Celebrity Doppleganger?

Has anyone ever come to you and said WOW you TOTALLY look like so and so?? Like I mean really, you could totally be their TWIN.

Well....I have, and most recently it's been Zooey Deschanel.  I mean seriously, I think when I worked last week I had at least five people tell me I looked like the girl from "The New Girl" on fox.

Anyway, aside from the fact that she is my celebrity doppleganger, I really do LOVE Zooey Deschanel.  Her style is both vintage and eclectic, pairing fun patterns and funky tights with a retro edge.  So, in light of my new found twin, I thought it'd be fun to do some Zooey inspired fashions...take a look!

Zooey Inspired Look #1
Jack Vintage Inspired Tee
J-Brand Ocean Skinny's

Zooey Inspired Look #2
Jack by BB Dakota Vintage Swing Dress
Well, there ya have it! I connected with my celeb doppleganger and found some GREAT pieces that were totally me in the process! Find out who your celebrity doppleganger is and stop in Nextdoor today and find your signature pieces!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Charlies Angel's Return: The Mystery of the Ya Jumpsuit

Charlies Angel's was a 1970's sitcom starring Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcet that exemplified 70's fashion and made the jumpsuit a powerful piece in the fashion world.  Although the jumpsuit has seemed to have  gone missing for decades now, the mystery has been solved and she's back in an adorable and hip way! This season, we are seeing this easy onsey comeback in all different color hues as well as lengths! Check out Next Door's brand new styles which are great for those destination vacations, a day at the beach, or even Spring Break! Take a look!

Ya Jumpsuits
These jumpsuits really are great! There lightweight, comfortable, and best of all a great price! So step in Next Door and check out more of our angelic fashions! Mystery Solved!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

I have three older brothers, one of which who lives at home annd sadley, whom I can't stop stealing his clothes! I mean really, their so roomy and comfortable, its hard for me not to sneak in his closet and just wanna pair everything with a scarf or leg warmers!  I mean really, the style is adorable and the comfort level is tooo die for! Plus, everyone seems to be doing it.....check it out!
I mean, I ve really gotta give props to Rachel Bilson because she TOTALLY had the heads up on this trend!  Everything she's been wearing latley is not only fabulous, but literally looks like something she snuck into her hot beau Hayden Christenson's closet and dug out! So I thought it'd be fun to play dressup at work today, and find some really cute boyfriendy looking pieces! Take a look!
Rachel Bilson 2011
Amanda: Micheal Stars Baby Blue Boyfriend Top, Jack by BB Dakota Leather Jacket,
J-Brand Jeans KGB Bag
Ellen: Makers Jean Top paired with BB Dakota
Fleece Vest

Amanda :BB Dakota Twill Boyfriend Jacket, White Skinny Teem Pashmina
Green Army Scarf, Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend Distressed Jeans, Razzle
Dazzle KGB Bag

Well there you have it! Three awesome looks straight out of your boyfriends closet...or Nextdoor ha, but really, stop on in! After all, we are the style experts and you don't need your boyfriends opinion on that!

Friday, November 4, 2011

THIS Friday Night....

Throughout the year, fashion itself takes so many twists and turns.  During our normal everyday lives, we are expected to dress in a fashion that is both suitable and appropriate for our lifestyles.  For example, if your a broke college student (not referring to myself in any way ;), your not going to go strutting around campus in a Cinderella prom dress with Jimmy Choo diamond heels! I mean come on, everyone knows that's a HUGE fashion no no.  Halloween however, is the one day a year when all fashion norms are set to the side, and your aloud to be CRAZY, GOOFY,FUN,BOLD,GLAMOROUS, WHATEVER YOU WANT!  Now, this year in particular, I wanted to be Katy Perry! I mean SHE IS my style icon and I thought what better way to honor her crazy style than to actually BE her! Take a look!

The Big Bro and I, Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Katy and Lucy ha! The big sis and myself:)
Now, being Katy for a few nights was a blast, don't get me wrong, BUT I did see some other pretty special looking costumes, if ya know what I mean ;), so in light of that, I thought it'd be fun to count down  what thought were the best Halloween costumes for 2011!  Costumes go from frightening, to beautiful, to just plain weird...BUT check out what looks this year I THOUGHT were a hit!

5.  Rebbecca Black
If I ever hear the song Friday again, I think I will personally rip out my own ear drums and sell them online.  BUT, a hysterical costume, wish I would have taken a picture!  All you would need is a black wig, a microphone, a calender, and the ability to memorize three minutes of pure lyrical hell!  Props to you R. Black, you made my Halloween that much funnier.

4. George Washington
Gotta give HUGE props to my big bro for doing Halloween, colonial style.  Seriously, something so obvious, yet so creative, yet so hysterical.  The big bro showed up to our friend's Halloween party this year as our first president, complete with wig, ruffle, and of course, American Flag.  Go Team America!

3. The  Big Lebowski
One of my favorite movies of all time? Maybe. Do I not adore Jeff Bridges in basically every movie he even TOUCHES? Absolutely.  For those of you who haven't seen The Big Lebowski, its a cult classic not only starring the multi talented Jeff Bridges, but also stars like John Goodmann, Julianne Moore and Phillip Seymour Hoffmann make an appearance.  The movie itself takes you back to a time where the dude reigns supreme and Donny is clearly out of his element. The best part of this costume, is all you need is your old bathrobe, an overgrown beard, and some dirty boxers. 
2.A Shadow
Imagine someone following you around all night dressed in all black and always oddly enough, behind you.  On top of all that weirdness going on, imagine you don't even know the person...or do you? Their your shadow and its a cheap and easy way to give everyone a laugh this Halloween, or utterly disturb them.  I saw a few people doing that this year, and I just had to chuckle!

1. Alright, its the time we've all been waiting for, the most HYSTERICAL, CREATIVE, and INNOVATIVE costume I saw all Halloween, and the best part is this guy, didn't even know it...literally.  When approached to attend a Halloween party, this wonderful gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting, totally last minute and creatively found a beard, face paint, an old bathrobe, garbage bags and an old beanie and braved the streets, oh yeah, and did I mention he had a random cigarette? Anyways, I feel like the best part of the costume was that he literally was anything you wanted him to be because HE didn't even know what he was!  My interpretation? A homeless Gandolf, my sister's interpretation?...a gnome. Either way, you had to use your imagination to come up with ideas! 
Best Halloween Costume Award
In short, THANK YOU to all who braved the streets this year and got their freak on this Halloween! Not only did you give me an opportunity to write this glorious blog, but you gave me a look at new and creative fashion ideas!