Sunday, July 15, 2012

Over Accessorizing=MYTH

Have you ever seen someone wear an outfit and do ONLY that?

When wearing any piece, one must incorporate both STYLE and PERSONALITY.  Now, I understand that some people have trouble doing this, so let me explain myself.  One must incorporate a piece of INTEREST within their wardrobe and one way to do this is through ACCESSORIES.
Cowboy Belts

Lily and Laura Bracelets

Accessories are a STAPLE to any given wardrobe.  It adds a sense of flair, fun, and creativity.  Just picture yourself as a blank canvas and fashion is the color! Once the paintbrush is soaked with entrancing visions and bright hues, the color is added creating a style however, one thing is still missing! A level INTEREST needs to be compiled to the piece to draw the viewer inward and become entranced with the masterpiece within! Accessories ARE the interest, and you can never have to much or be to overloaded!  Check out what I mean with my outfit below! I mixed several different colors, patterns, and accessory combinations to give my wardrobe a big burst of personality!
Lily and Laura Bracelets, Seven for all Mankind Black Pencil Skinnies, Stella and Dot Jewelry, Splendid Tie Dye Top

One must remember when exploring fashion that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way.  With every person comes different ideas and perceptions of what is interesting and what is not.  So, in light of fashion, do yourself a favor and find your OWN PERSONAL INTEREST and make a FASHION STATEMENT.

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